Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Write or Die Extension

Who: Writers, students, anyone who writes using Google Docs

What: Write or Die is writers block's worst enemy: it forces you to continue writing, or suffer dire consequences. These consequences can range from trivial annoyances such as temporarily coloring your screen red until you resume writing, to playing eery noises, to deleting words every second you don't write (after a 15-second or so threshold, of course).

When: Writing is forever, and writers block is here to stay. There will always be the need to fight it.

Where: A Chrome extension that activates on a Google Document page

Why: Write or Die's desktop client is sold for $10, and its web client isn't very friendly (in a bad way). It is off-putting to have to write in a site's text box and then copy it over to Word or Docs each time you want to save. Integrating with Google Docs would allow people to easily turn it on in an environment they already use whenever writers block strikes.

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