Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Google+ Photo Viewer

Who: Google+ has 40 million members, many of which who are professional or amateur photographers who participate in things like #SilhouettesOnThursday and #MyTownTuesday every week. In total, 3.4 billion photos have been uploaded to Google+.

What: A site that searches Google+ for the weekly tags of every event, and compiles everything into a beautiful at-a-glance viewer for every event.

When: Until someone else does it first!

Where: It would live at its own site and attract Google+ users.

Why: Everyone loves looking at amazing photographs. Curating them into one place allows for a much more in-depth browse. Additionally, having all of the events in a centralized place will help people remember what they are, because it's difficult remembering every event for every day: today alone I've seen more than 20 events for Tuesdays.

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