Thursday, October 20, 2011

Google+ Circle Manager

Who: Google+'s 40+ million users

What: A Chrome extension in two parts to bypass the 5,000-user circle limit:

  • Exporting individual circles by using Google+'s built-in circle sharing functionality to allow for temporary deletion of the user's circle
  • Importing circles from private shares by using Google+'s built-in circle sharing functionality
When: Relevant until Google+ lifts the 5,000-user circle limit (i.e. for quite some time)

Where: Google+

Why: The vocal Google+ users are power users, and complain that they can only circle 5,000 people. However, they also tend to separate those they circle into interest-based circles. Allowing someone to, for example, save their Photographers circle and delete it to free up a thousand people would be useful. Any time they have the room, they can import their Photographers circle back, and not have lost anything.

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